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    只有心臟按壓的心肺復蘇(Chest compression only CPR)
    文章來源: 中華急診醫學雜志編輯部 發布日期:2013-02-11

    Title: Chest compression only CPR
    Author作者: SemharTewelde

    • Early CPR performed by laypersons can double the chances of survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA)
    • 在醫院前心臟驟停中,早期非醫護人員心肺復蘇能使生存率翻一番。

    • A retrospective cohort that combined 2 RCT compared the survival effects of dispatcher CPR instruction consisting of chest compression alone or chest compression with rescue breathing
    • 一個回顧性的臨床報告,對兩個隨機臨床實驗進行了總結,比較了在調度員心肺復蘇指導下的只有心臟按壓或心臟按壓與通氣同時進行的效果。

    • There was a lower risk of death after adjustment for confounders (adjusted hazard ratio 0.91, 95% confidence interval 0.83-0.99, p=0.02)
    • 在對影響因素進行調整后,(只有心臟按壓組)死亡率明顯降低(調整后的危險比為0.91,95%置信區間為0.83-0.99,p=0.02)。

    • Findings strongly support a long-term mortality benefit of dispatcher CPR instruction strategy consisting of chest compression alone rather than chest compression plus rescue breathing
    • 結果證實,由調度員指導下的只有心臟按壓方案,而不是心臟按壓和通氣同步進行方案,有益于降低長期死亡率。


    Dumas F, Rea T, et al. Chest compression alone cardiopulmonary resuscitation is associated with better long-term survival compared with standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation.Circulation. 2013 Jan 29;127(4):435-441.