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    原作者: Brian Corwell,鄭辛甜譯,肖 文章來源: 《中華急診醫學雜志》編輯部 發布日期:2015-03-03

    Title: Quadriceps contusion
    Author 作者: Brian Corwell
    翻譯:鄭辛甜 校對:肖鋒

    Mechanism: Direct blow to anterior thigh (Football/basketball) or from a ball traveling at a high rate of speed (field hockey/lacrosse).
    Exam: focal tenderness and edema. Pain may be severe and worse with active contraction and passive stretch. Hematoma may already be present. Amount of passive knee flexion at 24 hours can be a clue to the severity of the hematoma.
    檢查:局部壓痛及腫漲。當主動收縮和被動伸展時,疼痛可能更嚴重。血腫可能已經存在。24小時的被動膝關節屈曲度可以作為判斷血腫嚴重程度的一個線索。Treatment: Crutches if pain with weight-bearing. Ice. Immobilization in 120 degrees of flexion immediately after the injury for the first 24 hours may be beneficial.-Bandage entire lower limb. pain medication. Soft tissue therapy is contraindicated for the first 48 hours and when instituted must be gentle and cause no pain.
    Risk of re-bleeding is greatest in first 7 to 10 days.
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