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    原作者: Bryan Hayes, 江利冰 翻譯, 發布日期:2015-12-07

    Title: Vancomycin Loading in the ED Leads to Higher Trough Levels
    Author: Bryan Hayes
    作者:Bryan Hayes
    翻譯:江利冰 校對:肖鋒

    We know vancomycin should be dosed based on weight rather than the default 1 gm dose so many patients receive. But do higher loading doses in the ED actually lead to more therapeutic trough levels?
    我們知道萬古霉素的劑量應該根據體重進行調整,而不是所有的患者都默認使用1 gm。急診室高負荷量真的可以帶來更長時間的最低有效治療水平?

    New Data
    A new randomized trial compared ED patients receiving 30 mg/kg initial doses vs. 15 mg/kg. There was a significantly greater proportion of patients reaching target trough levels of 15 mg/L at 12 hours among the patients who received a 30 mg/kg loading dose as compared with a traditional 15 mg/kg dose (34% vs 3%, P < 0.01). This study did not use a max dose of 2 gm. They included patients up to 120 kg who received 3.6 gm loading doses! There was no difference in incidence of nephrotoxicity between the groups.
    一項新的隨機對照研究,比較了急診科患者使用30 mg/kg 和15 mg/kg的初始劑量。和接受15 mg/kg負荷劑量的患者相比,更多的接受30 mg/kg負荷劑量的患者,在12h到達了目標治療有效最低水平(34% vs 3%, P < 0.01)。該研究沒有使用最大劑量2gm。納入的患者中包括體重120kg接受3.6gm負荷量的患者!兩組之間腎毒性的發生率沒有區別。

    Application to Clinical Practice
    • Advocate for change in your ED's order sets to weight-based dosing of vancomycin and remove 1 gm as a default option. [2, 3]
    • 建議急診科萬古霉素應該改為根據體重調整劑量,并去除默認的1gm。
    • While 34% attaininment of adequate trough levels still isn't great, properly loading vancomycin with up to 30 mg/kg is a step in the right direction. It also takes longer than one dose to reach steady-state levels.
    • 盡管達到34%的最低有效濃度仍然是不夠的,適當的增加萬古霉素的劑量,直到最大劑量30mg/kg是正確的。要想到達穩定的水平是需要多于一個劑量的萬古霉素。
    • This study did not evaluate clinical cure rates, just trough levels.
    • 該研究沒有評估臨床治愈率,僅僅是最低有效濃度。

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