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    Medscape 2013年急診醫生生活方式報告
    原作者: Feng Xiao (肖鋒) 文章來源: 《中華急診醫學雜志》編輯部 發布日期:2013-04-15

    Title: Medscape's 2013 Emergency Physician Lifestyle Report
    題目:Medscape 2013年急診醫生生活方式報告
    Author 作者: Feng Xiao (肖鋒)
    Medscape's 2013 Physician Lifestyle Report provides physicians with insight from 24,000 US physicians across 24 medical specialties on how burnout may affect their lifestyle choices and experiences. Burnout was defined as having one of the following symptoms: loss of enthusiasm for work, feelings of cynicism, and a low sense of personal accomplishment.
    Medscape 2013年醫師生活方式報告提供了來自24個醫學專科的24,000美國醫師對職業倦怠如何影響他們的生活方式的選擇和經驗。職業倦怠定義為具有下列癥狀之一:喪失對工作的熱情,玩世不恭,和沒有個人成就感。
    EM specialists suffered the most burnout among physicians (51%), followed closely by critical care physicians (50%). Others at the top of the list are family physicians, internists, and general surgeons. Surprisingly, pediatricians were among the least burned-out specialists, along with rheumatologists, psychiatrists, and pathologists.
    急診專科醫生在所有醫生中是最容易患職業倦怠的(51%),緊隨其后的是重癥監護醫生(50%)。其他名列前茅的是家庭醫生,內科,普通外科醫生。令人驚訝的是,與風濕病,精神科和病理醫生一樣,兒科醫生是非常不容易患職業倦怠的 。
    EM physicians ranked 12th in the severity of burnout, with a mean severity score of 3.8, with 1 being burnout that does not interfere with their lives and 7 being so severe that they are thinking of leaving medicine.
    急診醫生職業倦怠的嚴重程度排在第12位,平均嚴重度評分為3.8。評分標準為:1是雖有職業倦怠但不干擾他們的生活; 7是職業倦怠非常嚴重,以至于他們正在考慮離開醫療崗位。
    The 2 top-rated stressors were "too many bureaucratic tasks" and "too many difficult patients." The least important stressors for EM physicians were "difficult employer," "difficult colleagues or staff," and "income not high enough."
    影響急診醫生職業倦怠最大的壓力有“太多的官僚作風”和“有麻煩的患者太多。”對急診醫生來說最不重要的壓力源是“討厭的雇主”, “麻煩的同事或工作人員”,和“收入不夠高”。
    A slightly higher percentage (52%) of male EM docs reported burnout.
    Mid-career EM physicians experienced the most burnout.
    EM physicians who said they felt burned out at work were more likely to feel burned out outside of work.
    About 43% of burned-out emergency doctors take less than 2 week vacation each year compared with 25% of their happier peers.
    Burnout EM physicians were less likely to volunteer, exercise, and have adequate savings.
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